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What will you do? - Summit Presbyterian Church

Who’d have thought we’d be where we are right now?  Pandemic – protests for racial justice – violence in our cities – brokenness in politics!  It’s downright frightening.  Yet, we are all working toward answers, peace and healing – and I believe we followers of Jesus are doing so with a plus – the presence of the Holy Spirit!  I believe the church has been changed in 2020 – I don’t believe we will ever be exactly the same even when all of this is behind us!

The verses above have been part of my journey as your pastor – and I think for you as well!  In my heart – and vocally sometimes – I’ve been asking during these times – WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU WANT US TO DO GOD?  And I try – outdoor chapel service at 8:30; a great group making worship virtual; trying to keep all ages connected; dealing with the issues without offending; preparing preaching and stewardship and education hoping we’ll be back together but also realizing that we may not (probably won’t) be back together fully until 2021; keeping connected to those going through struggles but not face to face; wondering what is ahead!  WHAT ARE THINGS YOU WANT (ME) TO DO GOD?  But – it seems I don’t want to listen to Jesus’ answer.

HERE’S WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO – BELIEVE THE ONE HE SENT!  How can just believing in Jesus help us now?  Can Jesus end this pandemic and help us back to some normalcy of routine?  Can Jesus heal racial strife?  Can Jesus bring unity amidst diversity?  Can Jesus heal our world and nation and families and church?  Do I believe – do you believe the answer to these questions is YES!  I think we need to imply a yes answer – but we (I) want more, don’t we?

Show us (me) something Jesus!  We (I) want a miracle!  We (I) want the answers that we want! Then we (I) will believe!  So – WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO JESUS?  And I wait – but the answer that God gives is the same – BELIEVE THE ONE I SENT!

Church family – I guess that is the answer for us in these difficult times – BELIEVE IN JESUS!  Kind of simplistic – but I believe this is the main task of the church in these unprecedented times.  We’d like to see a miracle – an easy answer – an end to all the turmoil.  I say often in my prayers with others:  JESUS NEVER PROMISED IT WOULD BE EASY ON THIS JOURNEY – BUT HE DID PROMISE HE’D NEVER LEAVE US.

My friends – let’s do what God want us to do – believe the one he sent – and do our best.  You may not see a miracle as you define it – but I think we will see Jesus in the midst of all this.  You know what – that’s a miracle in itself!  See you in church (whether outdoors, in the sanctuary or on the screen – it is still church!). In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan