Well, we made it through Easter! Thank goodness things slow down! Oh, wait a minute – they get busier! Such is the journey of life my friends! Easter is like a re-energizer we need in the journey – it is a reminder of why we do what we do as followers of our Risen Lord! May the Spirit of Easter fill you in the month of May (and June, July, August, etc.) The Holy Spirit has been present with us throughout the journey of life – whether we acknowledge it or not! The Spirit was at the Creation; it was in ancient Israel; it spoke through the prophets (like Joel!); it was in Bethlehem; it was with Jesus throughout his life and ministry; it was riding on that donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; it was in the Garden of Gethsemane; it was on the cross; it was opening up the tomb – NOT FOR JESUS TO GET OUT, BUT FOR US TO SEE IN; it was there on Pentecost in a powerful way; it was with Paul as he wrote to the churches; it was with John as he wrote Revelations; AND IT IS IN SUMMIT CHURCH, AND IT’S MEMBERS, RIGHT NOW!
Have you felt it? It keeps us going through the ups and downs of life. The prophet Joel saw it long before Jesus was even born – you could say that Joel got a vision that Pentecost was the birthday of the Christian Church! Talk about ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ – Joel covers so much of that in these two verses! The Spirit of God would be with ‘every kind of people’ – not just the Jews! The Spirit of God would be with both men and women! The Spirit of God would fill both young and old! The Spirit of God would affect both rich and poor – slave and free! The ‘pouring out of the Spirit of God’ has nothing to do with gender, politics, social status, age, the position you take on issues, etc. God sends out the Spirit to open hearts and minds! Easter reminds us that Jesus is very much alive and with us always – so the Spirit of God is at work my friends!
Each Sunday in May (as far as I’m concerned) gives us another ‘manifestation’ of the Spirit! On May 5th we recognize “Older Adult Sunday” and acknowledge our Graduates Ministry at Summit. Where would Summit be without the Holy Spirit working through our older members? On May 12th we recognize our moms and celebrate MUSIC SUNDAY! Where would Summit be without seeds of faith that were planted long ago AND without the music of worship that is lifted up to the Lord every Sunday? On May 19th we celebrate Youth Sunday. Where would Summit be without the vision and different thinking of our Youth and children? On May 26th (Our beginning of ONE WORSHIP SERVICE AT 10:00 a.m.) we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom AND confirm several young members into the life of our church. Where would Summit be without the gift of freedom, and without people professing their faith?
So, if you want to see the Holy Spirit at work, don’t wait until Pentecost (June 9th) – but come and see what God is up to through an amazing, but diverse group of folks! Easter was just the beginning! See you in church!
In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan