Hello Summit Church Family – I miss seeing you all so much!  This Sunday (May 31st) is Pentecost Sunday!  It’s the one time we use the RED vestments in the church as we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming upon the church mightily in Acts 2!  It is called the Birthday of the Church.  I hope you can tune in Live on our Facebook page at 10:00 am on Sunday – or view the service later at our website or on YouTube!  For me, Pentecost this year is a turning point.  We are planning our return to in-person worship on June 14th – with lots of safety measures being taken – (probably way over the top) – and we will be updating you as soon as final plans are made.  We already know some things: No Vacation Bible School or Summit Hour or Nursery this summer.  Masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing will be available and planned.  No hymnals, bulletins, Bibles, Offering Plates or Communion Elements will be around as other plans (particularly the screens) will be in place.  One of the most difficult things for me – No Passing of the Peace – and if you’ve ever been to Summit you know what that means! The ‘relational’ part of ministry is the one I miss most!

I think the Holy Spirit is up to something though:  In our World, In our Nation, In the church and at Summit Presbyterian Church too.  When the Spirit comes it comes from all directions, in unlikely ways, through unlikely people and situations, and makes powerful changes.  It also frightens folks – like me right now – because it is often difficult to grasp exactly how the Spirit works!  It also brings the church (people) together in new ways.  It is always from God!  So, this Sunday (Pentecost) I’m preaching the sermon “WITH YOU” as a reminder that God is journeying – through the Holy Spirit – with us as we move forward with new opportunities, ministries and challenges!  After Sunday – throughout the rest of the summer – I’ll be preaching a series on MOMENTUM – as the Holy Spirit brings us together in new ways.  Some Sundays will still focus on some different topics – Like Father’s Day and July 5th – but I invite all of you to journey with me as we discover what the Holy Spirit is up to with we disciples called Summit Church.  It will be a journey unlike any one I’ve – and we’ve – ever been on before!  Be open to the Holy Spirit – even amidst the turmoil, changes and inconveniences of the world that lay ahead – and be open to the peace, opportunities and unity of God that lay ahead!  Love to all!  Pastor Dan