Summit VBS was a wonderful week for the staff and the children attending – and it was all because of YOU!  You brought us food and water by the car load.  You stepped up to help even if it was just for one day.  People of all ages and sizes served the 83 children who were registered.  Your prayers were unceasing and for that we will be eternally grateful.  Yes, we had heat.  Yes, we had a schedule that did not provide time for a break.  Yes, we had crying children – but not many.  Yes, we had grumbling, but it was all worth it.  Even our teens didn’t want to miss a day.  One young lady missed a family outing just because she enjoyed the children in her group so much that she did not want to lose a day with them.

A terrible and loud lion visited us each day – some children climbed into the laps of their leaders, some covered their ears and some screamed.  They were surprised to learn that Pastor Dan was the lion and he skillfully related a skit to the Bible Verse and theme of each day.

There were spectacular decorations.  Weeks and months were spent in preparation.  The week prior to the start of VBS people were busy in our church building every day and into the night – even on Saturday.  Many folks jumped in to help with the final set-up right after service on Sunday.  People made costumes.  One family measured and counted out  367  bags of pretzels and Gold Fish.  A young student counted all the bags of donated chips – more than 450.  People hauled cases and cases of water downstairs to the refrigerators and hauled them back up the next day.  Items were counted, organized and counted and organized again.  190 sandwiches were prepared for one of our snacks.  Our kitchen prepared and served a variety of delicious food every day.  A whole tent full of exciting activities provided Biblically based science adventures.  As usual our Fellowship Committee honored us with a wonderful feast on Friday – all this and much more under the planning and direction of our sweet leader, Jane, who had just returned home major surgery.

The children we served have made memories for a lifetime.  They have learned songs and Bible verses they will never forget.  Our team also has memories that will last us a lifetime.  Not just the sweet, sweet children but other special moments you only get to see if you are there.  One special memory is the joy of watching one of our mothers enthusiastically dancing to the music while she had her baby in a backpack.  Hopefully someone took a video of that.