My last newsletter article was written in late February as we were beginning our Lenten Journey.  Who knew where we would be now in our journey of faith!  Everything has changed – except Jesus – who is the same yesterday, today and forever!  Isn’t it good to know that he is walking with us through this difficult time?  I know I couldn’t make it through without him!

Here are some lines from a few “summer” songs!  “In the Summertime when the weather is hot – you can stretch right out and touch the sky” (As long as you are six-feet away from anyone else who is stretching out!)  “In the good old summertime!  In the good old summertime!  Strolling through a shady lane with your baby, mine!  You hold her hand and she holds yours” (but before doing so wash those hands for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer and put on gloves!)  “Are you ready for the summer?  Are you ready for the Good Times?” (YES!  Please come summer – please come Good Times! – but NO too – I’m not sure summer will be the same this year!)

Even if this is past us – summer won’t be the same this year!  The Session has told us that we will postpone gathered worship at Summit until after June 10th – and if things turn around, June 14th will be our first time together in worship for a while – but we know it will be different!  We’ve learned a whole new way of worship during this pandemic – and we will continue to learn even when this has passed!  I have been amazed at how worship has still happened with our amazing ‘video’ crew and music leaders!  As many have said and written – we have truly learned that the church is a people – not a building!  Everyone here at the church is working hard to make sure that we will be prepared when we get back together – and looking at necessary changes.

Summertime won’t be the same:  No Vacation Bible School this summer / The Youth Mission Trip is cancelled / Sidewalk Fellowship may not occur like in the past or at all / and worship will probably be a bit different too!  You know – Presbyterians have never been all that good with change!  But sometimes we have no choice.

Jesus spoke to Martha after telling them to roll away the stone from her brother – Lazarus’ – tomb!  Martha said to Jesus: “He’s been dead for 4 days now – it’s going to smell bad!”  Even though Jesus told her that Lazarus was going to rise – she had trouble believing.  Do you hear Jesus’ words as we go through COVID-19?  Do you believe we will see the Glory of God?  I do!  We disciples always learn – sometimes especially through the painful times.  Who knows what God is going to reveal to us as we go through this – cautiously come back together – and eventually move on with a new normal?  I wish I had answers – but I believe God does.  And we are going to see God – even in the ‘good old summertime’!  Keep your eyes open!  Keep your hearts open!

Can’t wait to see all of you again face to face!  God has this!  Keep praying – keep helping – keep safe – keep looking for the glory of God!  See you in church (In God’s timing!)  In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan