Time is sure flying by – isn’t it?  I think our dealing with the pandemic – even as we see ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ – has made time go by even quicker!  When I think that October is already here, I need to pause, and I think to myself WOW!  At Summit we still need to keep up with our ever-changing situations.  We are cautiously resuming activities – Sunday School, Youth Group & THOWG, Choirs, ROMEO & men’s breakfast, Graduate Lunches, Bible Studies, etc.  So we are coming back.

An important part of coming back is – of course – our Stewardship for the upcoming year!  Sunday, October 17th is an important day in the life of our church.  We will be consecrating our gifts for 2022 that day during worship.  Not ONLY our financial gifts – but also our gifts of time and talent.  We will have the opportunity to sign-up for some of our various “TEAM” ministries at Summit:  DEACONS, DISCIPLESHIP (Adult, Youth & Children), FELLOWSHIP, PROPERTY, FINANCE (and Stewardship), WORSHIP (and Music), MISSION, OUTREACH (and Evangelism), CAP (Personnel & Administration), and our Newest Team PLANNING (long range and short term).  You don’t have to be an elder or deacon to help with a particular TEAM’s (or two) service to the church.

When we do this, we are truly SERVING ONE ANOTHER, as Peter wrote above, we are REALLY using our gifts as ‘good stewards of God’s varied grace’.  VARIED GRACE – that is an unusual term – but I think it means as we put our gifts to work for the Lord, God’s Grace will be experienced in many, many ways!  And that is good indeed!

Pray about your STEWARDSHIP to the Lord and His Church (Summit) for the upcoming year!  Join us if you can on October 17th and CONSECRATE not only your “Giving” – but your WHOLE LIFE – once again to our Savior!  Sometimes we never know how much GRACE we give when we put our GIFTS to good use!  Thank you all for your FAITHFULNESS and LOVE and SERVICE!


See you in church!  In Jesus’ Love – Dan