Well, we will have the first two Sundays in June with ONE SERVICE for the first time in a few years – when we changed from 2 services to 1 service on Father’s Day. Some people may wonder why we made this change! Was it to give Pastor Dan more rest? Was it to approach the more traditional Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend as ‘summer’? Was it to celebrate a few things together that we haven’t for a few years? Was it to bring our 8:30 and 10:45 people together a bit sooner? I guess the answer is “YES!” The church is always trying new things and then evaluating how they are working. Remember that we only went to TWO services a few years ago (or should I say ‘returned’ to two services) and that has worked out well. Members (and visitors) have preferences for worship times AND most like the change in the Summer! Does everybody like the change? DOES EVERYBODY EVER LIKE EVERYTHING THE CHURCH DOES????
We are a people who don’t like too much change generally in life. Routine is good and keeps us connected without upsetting our comfort. Believe me – change isn’t always for the good – but it can be – especially in the church of Jesus Christ! So, every Sunday in June we get to celebrate together this year – with David & Ida Cann’s 50th Anniversary – with our high school graduates – with our fathers – and most of all, with each other! I jokingly say we will introduce the 8:30 people to our 10:45 people! You see, we are the church wherever we may be! In the summer, that is important to remember!
When Paul wrote the word above to the church in Rome, he wanted the early church to know that God changes His people from within – so that they could, and would, think outside the box – and work toward pleasing God in all they did! Summer is also a time to think ahead! What ‘CHANGES’ do you see coming to Summit – or more importantly – what changes at Summit might the Lord be leading you to help with.
When you have a Spirit led idea for God’s church – share it! Maybe it is specifically for you to get involved in some ministry – Youth Ministry, Music Ministry, Sunday School in the Fall, Community Meals, serving on one of our Teams. Maybe it is promoting a new ministry within or outside of the church. Maybe it is being a prayer warrior, a leader, a teacher, a missionary – who knows where God might lead you! Want to know what it isn’t? It isn’t thinking you have NO PLACE in Jesus’ church – BECAUSE YOU DO! You can be an instrument of ‘change’ for the good!
So my friends – what is the “NEW WAY OF THINKING” that God is putting into your heart?
See you in Church!
In Jesus Love – Dan