When the pandemic came upon us in March  2020 we were in the middle of rehearsing our songs for Maundy Thursday and Easter. I knew immediately that we could not just stop singing. It was not time for us to feel discouraged and depressed. I knew that the power of the sung prayer, and making music together as a choir and as a community would heal our souls and allow us to get through these difficult times.  I knew that we had to continue, and seek new ways to accomplish our goals. 

That’s why since the last week of March 2020, our entire music ministry: The Chancel Choir, Men’s Ensemble, Bronze Voices- embarked on this virtual journey. The hymns were recorded, the anthems were virtual videos, the bell choir recorded one note at a time and I then assembled everything together in one virtual choir.

One year later we are still continuing our virtual journey but we have hope and pray to God that soon we all can be in person lifting up our voices as one once again.

As Summit’s music director I would like to thank each one of our music making friends that overcame all of the technological obstacles and under these difficult circumstances continued to make beautiful music in this totally new way. 

A big thank you to our beloved congregation, and Pastor Dan for their support of our Music Ministry.

Click here to see are some of the past year’s virtual choirs.