The Graduates gathered for lunch on October 9th.  Prior to lunch, those celebrating October birthdays were recognized.  Honored were:  Frank Harris, Clara Hatfield, John Battaglia, Mary Ringquist and Edmund Pariseau.  Leona Fox led the group in prayer before lunch.

Those attending were:  Lloyd Alday, David and Ida Lee Cann, Roc and Peg Carter, Jane Clark, Leona Fox, Clara Hatfield, Ruth Heal, Millie Hollis, Presha Merritt, Larry and Nancy Nelson, Edmund and Rosamond Pariseau, Ed and Pat Rossell, David and Sherry Somerville, Bob and Jane Sutherland and Kip Volkstadt.

The next luncheon will be Wednesday – November 13th, at Bob Evans Restaurant, in Stafford, beginning at 11:30 a.m.