February is the month of love – and not just because of Valentines Day!  We will see love in a lot of ways at

Summit!  We have communion on the First Sunday of February, which is a reminder of God’s great love for us through Jesus’ sacrifice of love.  On February 9th we will hear a sermon from the Old Testament book, the Song of Songs which is a love story AND we will demonstrate our love by having a luncheon that raises money for Vets on Track.  On the 16th we will welcome new members into our church family – a sign of love being shared.  And we begin our Lenten Journey on Ash Wednesday, February 26th – which brings us closer to the most amazing act of love ever shown to humanity!

But the simple verse above reminds us of the importance of love every day for the followers of Jesus!  We need to let those around know – without a doubt – that we love them!  This is necessary in all of our relationships – siblings; parents and children; spouses; other relations; friends; church family; and especially those we encounter that somehow tell us they need to know they are loved.  Use the words I LOVE YOU often!

At memorial services I’ll remind those gather about three things involving love.  One, that LOVE IS THE GREATEST gift of all!  Love ranks as number 1 in importance when it comes to shining out from the Christian’s life.  We need to remember the importance of love in our lives – saying it and showing it!  Two, GOD IS LOVE!  Every time we experience real love in our lives – I believe God is there and involved.  We let God know we love him by loving one another!  Three, LOVE IS ETERNAL – FOREVER – WITHOUT END.  At memorial services that is to remind all gathered that the love given to and accepted from our loved one who is gone, is always with us – death can never take away love.  But, here and now, we need to remember that our acts of love really do have eternal consequences.  IT IS TRUE – LOVE NEVER ENDS!

So, let the love light shine this month!  If you know God, you can’t help but to let love shine!  In your lives – with your family – and at Summit!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  See you in church!

In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan