When November arrives I immediately think of Thanksgiving! This year I will be REALLY thinking about it – IN HAWAII! Yes, my son has been working there since early August – and we are going to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday this year! We’ve never been there – so I am excited – Yes, thankful just to be there but even more THANKFUL to see my son and have the whole family together! Family – Food – Fun – these are good things to be thankful for!
I am thankful to be part of Summit, and this church family too! After the terrible attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, I told our church family that we need to always declare our love for one another – especially when we disagree – and especially when we have no idea what tomorrow may bring. It is so important to LOVE one another when we get the idea that hate is winning! LET LOVE BE VERY VISIBLE IN OUR CHURCH FAMILY – AND IN OUR FAMILIES!
Now, the passage above doesn’t seem to fit – but I think it is important in these days to remember that though the Bible is our Holy Book, and that God teaches and inspires us through its message, we do not worship the Bible – WE WORSHIP THE SAVIOR IT DECLARES TO US. The reason I say this is because Christians have used the Bible to solidify their cause. In these divisive times we need to be cautious about this. We need to remember the words – in reference to the Scriptures – “And that wisdom leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus!” The purpose of the Scriptures is to bring us to faith, and a relationship, with our Lord! Another important word: “If we love Jesus, we should love one another!”
Don’t get me wrong – I do believe the Bible speaks to our situations in the world today, and we should refer to it passionately at times – but ALWAYS remembering that Jesus and Love may outweigh our passion. The issues that divide us – Abortion, Immigration Reform, Climate Change, Same-Sex relations, War & Peace, Politics & Who to vote for, Health Care, Our Nations role in the world, etc., etc., etc. – should never involve HATE for the other. If we say the scriptures support our cause – and someone else says the scriptures support their cause – and we HATE each other because of it – then we are not listening to God’s Word.
LOVE EACH OTHER. Thank God for the Bible – and grow in your understanding of it. Thank God for your church family – even the ones who don’t think exactly like you. Thank God for love and share it abundantly. Most of all, thank God for that wisdom that led to your salvation through faith in Jesus. Pray for those who are hurting wherever they may be. LOVE EACH OTHER! THANK GOD! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! See you in Church!
In Jesus Love – Dan