Even though Easter is about as late as it can be this year – if you are like me you still say to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe Lent is here already!” Last year, Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day were the same date (February 14th, in case anyone forgot!) and this year Ash Wednesday isn’t until March 6th! I guess ‘time’ always sneaks up on us – no matter when a certain event comes our way! This year we will be looking at the encounters Jesus had with various folks in his journey to the cross – AND THE RESURRECTION! We will be going through Matthew’s Gospel this year during Lent. The exception will be on Ash Wednesday when we look at John’s Gospel and hear a modern-day call of 2 disciples – and how their encounter with Jesus transformed them!
Throughout all of the Gospels, the folks who encountered Jesus were transformed – changed – a new person! My hope is that as we explore these encounters, we too might be transformed – changed – maybe even become a new person in Christ! That’s what the above verse speaks a bit about. Unlike Moses in the Old Testament, our face should not be covered when we encounter the Lord – like the encounters with Jesus in the New Testament! I believe the words above, “we are being changed to be like him” is what happens when Jesus is encountered. And then – THE GLORY OF THE LORD shines out – even from us!
So, come and join us this Lenten and Easter Season as we encounter Jesus! His CALL TO LOVE – His CONCERN FOR OTHER PEOPLE – His sensing THE NEED FOR FORGIVENESS – His putting PEOPLE ABOVE RULES – His HARD TO BELIEVE MIRACLES – His sensing CREATIVE THINKING in others – His recognizing the LIMITED VISION of some – His seeing DEATH ITSELF – and most important, HIS TRUTH!
If you open your heart, I believe each of us might just encounter the Lord in a new way during Lent. Why don’t you join us whenever you can and let Jesus encounter you? Who knows – you might even be changed to be a bit more like him!
See you in church!
In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan