With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine!   

 (Ephesians 3:20)

I’m writing the July Newsletter article in the midst of Vacation Bible School!  It’s noisy and hectic and crazy in some ways – but it also is a time filled with joy and learning and children – youth- and adults connecting in amazing ways!  Sure – we still have problems and issues and struggles – but the good that comes in a week of Vacation Bible School is so much more powerful than any problems that come our way!  By the way – it looks like pies will be having a meeting with Pastor Dan since the VBS participants will be reaching their goal of $300 to purchase 3 schools of fish through the Heifer Project – to help poor communities to have food for years!  The good of feeding hungry people far out weighs the ‘bad’ of a few pies (maybe more than a few) in the face.

Such is the story for those who love Jesus and follow Jesus – the good has a more powerful impact than the bad!  How?  Like the verse above says – when God works in his disciples, he can do so much good – so much more than we can even imagine!  That’s a good approach to take this summer – and all year long!  Start thinking about – not what you can do – but what God can do through you!  We can only imagine – can’t we!

IMAGINE: Crowded Sunday School classes in the Fall because you stepped up as a teacher and let God’s power work through you – even though you thought you couldn’t teach!

IMAGINE: A mission trip to a far-off place – maybe Ghana – because you stepped up as a planner and let God’s power work through you – even though you never dreamed we could go that far!

IMAGINE: A praise group in the church worship service because you loved praise music and you let God’s power work through you – even though you didn’t believe it could happen in a Presbyterian Church!

IMAGINE: A church packed with outside groups – scouts, nursery school, addiction support groups, community planning groups, etc. because you said we should open ourselves up more because we could share the Good News of Jesus by letting God’s power work through you – even though you weren’t sure how it could even happen!

IMAGINE: Anything you want – as long as it’s not so much you – BUT GOD WORKING IN YOU!  Don’t think to yourself – “IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN!”

That’s the beauty of Jesus’ church – He can do more than anything we could even imagine!  So, this summer what are you IMAGINING for Summit Church in the Fall or in the Future?  What do you think God can do?  Do you look at the human limitations and problems of making something happen OR do you see the amazing possibilities with God?  Imagine Summit with God at work in her midst!

See you in Church!

In Jesus Love – Dan