In many ways this last year has been long – in other ways it has flown by!  We’ll actually have people worshipping together this Easter – not as many as in 2019 – but more than last year!  Like I’ve said during this whole pandemic – nothing stops our Christian Holy Days from arriving.  Christmas came, and Easter will arrive too!  I seem to forget that God measures the success of the holidays – not me.  I look at success a lot differently than God does!

As we hear the words we hear every year at Easter: HE IS RISEN, maybe we need to take the risen Lord into everything that is happening.  HE IS RISEN and we too are rising above COVID.  It will be behind us in the near future, and though we felt dead throughout this journey Resurrection is right around the corner – our Risen Lord is reminding us of that!  HE IS RISEN and we too can rise above the political divisions that have embraced our nation and divided us like never before.  Though we felt dead because of the divisiveness of politics, Resurrection is possible, and our Risen Lord reminds us that Caesar doesn’t have the final word – HE DOES!  Jesus can rise above that which divides!  HE IS RISEN and we too can rise above racism and putting people into categories.  Our risen Lord reminds us that he looks at the heart, not the outward person.  Though we felt dead because of the classification given to us, Jesus can rise above the way we look at each other as we begin to look with his eyes!  The Resurrection is more powerful than disease or politics or categorization.  Our Risen Lord HEALS, UNITES and LOOKS AT THE INSIDE.

But the Resurrection isn’t just for the ‘big picture’ – it’s for the ‘little picture’ that each one of us is living through.  HE IS RISEN – above grief, above depression, above addictions, above fear, above brokenness – above all those things that hold us down in our own journey of life.  Our Risen Lord told each one of us that he would never leave us.  That means we can rise above those things that hold us down no matter what they may be!

Easter was God saying to us, “Come and see the place where his body WAS!”   “Was” is the key word.  In some ways Jesus rose so that we could rise above all those things that hold us down.  I mean, death is the worst of all – and if it couldn’t hold Jesus down – our Risen Lord won’t let things hold us down.  Come and see!  He’s not in the Tomb anymore – he is in our hearts!  HE IS RISEN!  And so can you and I!  Happy Easter!

In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan