Not a real ‘Easter’ type of passage – but one that we need to hold onto as we go into April. More and more of life seems to be measured in ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’. Both versions of this verse indicate that God’s hand brings about both kind of days. The Message reminds us ‘not to take anything for granted’ and the NCV says that we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. How true! I don’t know about you, but I really love the good days – and I really despise the bad or hard days. I definitely want more good days than bad – and I would prefer no bad days at all! But, that isn’t the reality of things.
On the Good Days I see the kind acts to others and me; the smoothness of how things seem to go; the smiles and laughter and joy – you know what a GOOD DAY is! On the Bad Days, everything is against me – nothing seems to go as planned. A Good Day for the pastor is when things get done, the people respond and show up, the sermon is well received. A Bad Day for the pastor is when no one steps up, I’m unprepared, the heat or air-conditioning break – well, you know what a BAD DAY is! On the Good Day – though I know God is involved – I think it’s more because of me, or that this is what I deserve – I mean I work hard so I’m entitled to this blessing! In fact, I’m owed more of them! On the Bad Day – I definitely don’t see God’s hand in any positive way – like maybe teaching me something. I tend to actually blame or question God on those Bad Days – WHY ME???
That’s where April comes in – where Holy Week comes in. No matter what I think about my good and bad days – Holy Week brought both type of days to Jesus. The Good Day of riding into Jerusalem to the shouts of Hosanna and praise and kingship. The Good Day of having a meal with his closest friends, but also a Bad Day of betrayal, and prayerful agony in the garden, and denial, and arrest. The Bad Day of Friday – which we call GOOD – which was a day of injustice, and mockery, and pain beyond compare – and Death! Talk about a Bad Day – my bad days aren’t even worth comparing. Why in the world do we call this GOOD Friday? Maybe it was to remind us that on our worst days, Jesus forgives us, and his GOODNESS is there with us – ALWAYS. Was Saturday a Good or Bad day as Jesus rested in the tomb? And then there is Easter Sunday – not just a Good Day, but a Great Day! On Easter we are reminded that no matter what our days may be like, we have a Risen Savior to rejoice with us and to weep with us. He reminds us that he gave the best day of all – and he reminds us that our bad days give us someone to help us through them.
Maybe we need to remember Easter whatever each day brings to us – good or bad – because Jesus is right there with us every day. Don’t take anything for granted – because we don’t know whether tomorrow will be a Good Day or a Bad Day – but we do know who will by our side for those 24 hours! HE IS RISEN! That’s GOOD for us no matter what tomorrow may bring!
See you in church!
In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan