It’s a slow process – this getting back together after a pandemic.  We are still walking on eggshells because we are hearing a plethora of voices out there telling us what to do:  Get vaccinated; wear masks; don’t wear masks; stay apart; get together – well you know all the voices.  Let’s face it – People are all over the place in their thoughts, opinions and approaches as society – and the church – comes back together!  Part of our human problem is we like things to happen quickly in our lives.

TV shows solve a terrible situation in an hour – and we want our problems solved quickly too.  Life’s too short!  It’s like the old prayer I said: “Lord, give me patience – RIGHT NOW!”  One of the things I’ve learned over the past year and a half is that TIME doesn’t belong to me – it really does belong to the Lord.  What scares me are the words: TO THE LORD ONE DAY IS AS A THOUSAND YEARS!  Wow!  God’s timing isn’t the same as mine!

So, as we SLOWLY resume life in our society and in our church AND as we continue to hear various voices telling us what to do, let us most of all listen to God’s voice as it speaks to hearts!  The Lord isn’t slow in doing what He wants to do – but he is patient with us as we do his work.  The most important work is to help people change their hearts and lives – FOR HIM!

As God is patient with us – let us be patient with one another.  As the church journeys into Autumn, let us remember that people will still have their own thoughts on how we should come back together.  We will continue to welcome EVERYONE who wants to learn how to change their hearts and lives for Jesus!  Mask wearers – non mask wearers!  In person worshippers – virtual worshippers!  Long time Christians – those looking for Jesus!  Extroverts – Introverts!  Spiritually hurting – spiritually healthy!  Patient folks – impatient folks!  ALL ARE WELCOME to experience God’s ‘changing’ Spirit!

Most important to remember is that our plans and our timing aren’t always God’s plans and God’s timing!  After all – the Lord is in charge!  See you in church!

In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan