How are you defined? By others AND by you? As the new church year begins I hope we can get passed some of the ways we define ourselves – and the way others may define us. Here are some examples.
YOU ARE DEPRESSED! And we are at times. The world throws so much at us that inevitably we get depressed. Things don’t go the way we think they should or the way we want them to go. Depression is called the ‘common cold of mental illness’ and I believe not a one of us is immune to it’s touch on our lives. Sadness overwhelms us – we don’t believe things can, or will, get better – our spirits become downcast. What can we do?
YOU ARE UNWORTHY! And we are at times. We feel worthless and that we cannot accomplish anything. When something good comes our way, either others or even ourselves, makes us think that we don’t deserve this blessing. We shouldn’t even ask for help from anyone else because it makes us look bad. What can we do?
YOU ARE BAD! And we are at times. We get away with things because nobody else but us knows the bad we have done. We feel that we are being punished – by God – because He knows what we’ve done. We have turmoil in our hearts because of the wrong we’ve done, and it’s tearing us up inside. What can we do?
YOU ARE NOT APPRECIATED! And we are at times. We feel like we do and do and do – and nobody notices. Sometimes people even seem to look down on what we’ve done, and even come across as ‘I could have done better!’ No one ever seems to say, “Thank You!” to us – ever! What can we do?
YOU ARE WEAK! And we are at times. We feel powerless. We feel tired. We feel that we can’t do anything else or anything more. The burdens of life are bullying us – kicking sand in our face on the beach – and we don’t have the strength to face those bullies! What can we do?
Here’s what we can do! We need to look at how God defines us! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! When we fully grasp those words and accept them – well then God’s Joy fills us, and depression is overcome when we see the good things and the blessings and the joy that come from God! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! And then we discover that God makes us worthy – worthy enough to be called His beloved child – we are in the will! We always look great in God’s eyes! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! And God sees the good in us! We know that, even when we are disobedient children, God stills loves us and, most of all, God always forgives us! God looks at us and says: “She / He is GOOD!” YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! And God not only sees the good in us, He sees the good that we do. Though others may never acknowledge, or understand, or see what we do – God does! God appreciates us and what we do for Him! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! And like the old children’s song says: “I am weak, but He is strong”. God is our Refuge and Strength when the bullies of life come our way – we never fight the battles alone! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! What a blessing – how God defines us!
As the activities increase at Summit, take a look at how God defines you, and don’t worry so much about how others define you, or how you define yourself. For then you will be about God’s business in God’s church exactly where God wants you! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD! See you in Church!
In Jesus Love – Dan