The trip home from Arizona was great – but a bit bumpy!  All of my flights (to and from) were on time and went well.  The only bumpy part of the flights was returning from Chicago to DC.  I mean – it still has bumps, even if things go well of course.  A little cramped, ears clog up a bit, not easy to sleep, masks in place – if you fly at all, you know!  But the joy of being with my brothers, getting to and from Arizona in amazing time by air, having comfort even 30,000 feet in the air – well, like a lot of other things, it depends how you look upon things.  Is the cup half-empty or half-full?  How do you look at the journey of life?  Especially with what has been happening in our world!


This pandemic has been devastating in many ways – and in a ‘minor’ way as a pastor it has been difficult for churches.  Even with a “light at the end of the tunnel” I still wonder how things will be as we slowly come back.  Will people return?  Will kids reconnect?  Will church events return to ‘normal’ – whatever that means?  Will giving stabilize as we move forward in ministry and mission?  Will we grow?  My mind goes all over the place!


But then I reflect on the verse above!  The Lord always welcomes us back, encourages us to come back, and even calls us back through the Good Shepherd’s voice!  When we sin – when we walk away – when we doubt – when we are afraid – when we choose other options.  We are spiritual people too – and God is always waiting for us, no matter what happens in our world or in our hearts.  My heart wanders away often – especially when I worry about things.  I need to come back and trust in Jesus.


Just know that the Lord’s voice is welcoming you BACK whenever that time comes.  We all need the fellowship, relationships and love that come with being together as a church family.  Wherever you may be on the journey – remember who the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls is!  I am thankful this season of Thanksgiving that God never strays from me – that He always welcomes us back into the fold – and always loves us – no matter how bumpy the trip might be!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!


See you in church!  In Jesus’ Love – Dan