Dear Summit Church family,

As you have probably heard – the session here at Summit has decided that we will continue on our present structure during the pandemic through the end of 2020 OR until we get a positive way forward.  That means the following:

WORSHIP – We will continue to offer the 8:30 outdoor chapel service – WEATHER PERMITTING and the 10:00 a.m. service in the sanctuary with masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, service on the screens, etc.  Though we will have hymns we will not sing (even through the masks) but encourage humming and/or quietly mouthing the words.  We will also be purchasing single communion packs which we will (hopefully) use for the first Sunday in October.  Pastor Dan plans to continue the “Virtual Mystery Box” on Sunday mornings.  We will approach other issues as they arise.  MOST IMPORTANTLY – WE WILL CONTINUE THE LIVE SERVICES ONLINE.  If you are sick, have immunity fears, or fears of any kind – you should NOT COME TO CHURCH but worship online.

NO IN-PERSON CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – No Sunday School, Adult Bible Study, Nursery, Summit Hour, THWOG or Youth Groups in Person.  We are looking into offering classes online after worship (11:15-Noon) on Sundays – and will continue the Adult Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am – and explore some options for THWOG on Thursdays and Youth Group on Sundays.  We want to keep all connected in any way that we can.

NO FELLOWSHIP TIME – After church dinners and fellowship time will not be held till further notice as well.  No Church picnic this year – and no coffee fellowship after services.  We encourage interaction (6 feet apart) in the parking lot after worship!

NO COLLECTING THE OFFERING – An offering basket will be provided after both worship services.  You can also give online, through the mail, or drop off offerings in the secure mailbox at the church OR in the office.  Our costs continue for maintenance, personnel and mission.  Your continued support is important to the work of our Lord.

OUTSIDE USAGE SUSPENDED – Our regular groups will not be using the building.  That includes the Scouts, and Red Apple will not be coming back through the end of the year (at least).  Our community meal will continue to be prepared, packed and distributed from the church.

OTHER – We are taking extreme measures to ensure safety for our members – probably going over the top – but we really feel the Holy Spirit leading us to make these decisions now.  We are going to do our best to keep folks connected.  Please let the office – or Pastor Dan – know of any pastoral needs.  We will always keep abreast of changes that may come our way or be announced.

Keep praying for Summit – and for our world and nation in these difficult times.  We need to remember that God is in control – and that God gives us a light of hope at the end of this dark tunnel we are traveling through right now!  The Light’s name is JESUS!