It’s hard to believe that summer will be winding down – I know it’s still a little less than 2 months away – but, boy, does time fly by! On another note – thanks to all for their prayers and support for the Youth Mission trip to Nashville – your presence was felt by all of us as we went out and served in the name of the Lord – and in the name of Summit Church. One of the things I hope will come out of these ‘mission trips’ is that our young people will grasp the concept of what it means to serve Jesus – not only on the trip – but when they return home. In a sense, whether we go on a mission trip or not, there are so many opportunities to serve the Lord! In the world – in the nation – in the community – and the emphasis of this article – IN THE CHURCH!
Every year around this time, pastors from all over are looking for ways to encourage people to step up as the Fall Season approaches. Sometimes it seems like we are begging – wait a minute, YES – WE ARE BEGGING! We don’t beg because it makes us look bad if we don’t have enough people committed to helping in some way – we beg because we really believe it is best for Jesus’ church to help the Body discover their gifts and to implement them to make the church a better place – not for us, but for the Lord!
In a sense, we are the planters, the waterers, the workers, the farmers, and the builders mentioned in the passage above. God is in charge though – and we respond to God’s direction, God’s gifts given, and God’s love for each of us. God wants us to be involved in His Church – and no one is more important than another when they work: the handy person is not more important than the Summit Hour helper; the singer in the choir is not more important the kitchen helper; the youth group helper is not more important than the one who prays; the adult education teacher is not more important than the K, first & second grade teacher; the lay reader is not more important than the nursery helper; the preacher is not more important than the deacon; the bulletin board maker is not more important than the coffer maker; you see where I’m going here – RIGHT?
The stewardship statement on July 29th was simple:
Sure, we still need to get through the summer – but time flies by doesn’t it? I’M BEGGING YOU – think about what God wants you do for Him. I hope you will join me as co-workers, and planters, and builders, and farmers for God’s place called Summit Presbyterian Church. Even though I’m begging – I’m not the boss! Won’t you listen, though, to the one who is?
See you in Church!
In Jesus Love – Dan