The New Year is always a time of new beginnings – we are going to exercise more; we are going to eat better; we are going to make more time for family & friends; we are going to spend less time in front of the TV and computers; AND MY FAVORITE – WE ARE GOING TO GO TO CHURCH REGULARLY!  Many times, it is difficult for us to follow through on these “New Year Resolutions” – and I think that is okay!  In some ways, my thoughts have always been each day is an opportunity to begin anew – every single day is a new beginning!  How are you going to grasp that new beginning that God offers you?

Here at Summit the opportunities are many – and there will be a lot of new things happening in 2020.  We had a significant group of High School graduates last year that had been involved in Youth Group, AND we have a significant group of 6th graders who have gotten involved in our Middle School Youth group.  We bought the house next to the church (closing was official on December 20th) and we have a large minority of folks who weren’t in favor of this purchase, BUT we have to be open now to what God might want us to do with this purchase NOT FOR US, BUT FOR HIM! Our elevator was planned AND should become a reality in 2020 – but we still need funding! The ROMEO group of men who met for breakfast in 2019 was down significantly, BUT several folks are asking ‘what can we do to grow this fellowship?’  The number of children at THWOG, Sunday School and the Children’s Message in worship seems to have increased a bit in 2019, AND we need to try and sustain continued growth in the New Year.

Thing is, there are so many ways to have a new beginning at Summit:  Join the choir or the bell choir; get involved in the community meals; help with THWOG or Youth Groups or Sunday School; attend an adult Sunday School class or Bible Study; help the Fellowship Team or the Outreach Team or the Property Team; let your voice be heard as the Holy Spirit touches you for new ministries here at Summit, particularly if you have thoughts about the new property. Join the graduates group or join us in our trips to the Fredericksburg Group home; IN OTHERS WORDS, DISCOVER WHAT NEW THINGS CHRIST HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!

But there is another important part of this passage to remember:  “THE OLD THINGS HAVE GONE!”  Sometimes it is just as important to let go of the past as it is to see the new opportunities.  Things aren’t always the same in Jesus’ church – but I believe Jesus is always up to something – maybe even in your life!

Join us in the New Year!  Let go of the past troubles – and as the Lord says: ALL THINGS ARE FRESH AND NEW!  See you in church!  In Jesus’ Love – Pastor Dan